KDS9c/KDS9c Rail Holster, BlackPoint, IWB, MW, RH - X300T

This Mini WING™ Light Mounted IWB (Inside-the-Waistband) holster has been specifically crafted to fit the Kimber KDS9c with a Surefire x300T-A. This holster model also features an optic cut from the factory to accommodate your choice of pistol optics. This holster includes 1.75" plastic IWB loops which the end user can easily move on the holster to adjust the ride height and cant.

The Mini WING™ Light Mounted series of holsters builds on the same ideas which make its OWB counterpart, the Leather WING™ Light Mounted holster, so popular. It retains the popularKYDEX® and leather combination, but the Mini WING™ Light Mounted is a dedicated IWB holster designed to fit weapon and weapon-light. The holster is designed to be a minimalistic holster using as little material as possible to safely secure the pistol. The Mini WING™- Light Mounted leverages these characteristics to accomplish something many customers never thought possible: comfortable, IWB carry of a pistol with a light or laser attached.

The pairing of KYDEX® and leather on this holster allows for the KYDEX® to reliably retain your pistol without a break in or wear out period. In addition, the KYDEX® shell prevents the holster from collapsing when your pistol is drawn, and remains open for easy one handed holstering. The leather “mini wings” are incorporated to allow the holster to wrap around the contours of your waist, allowing for a versatile fit for all body types. The “mini wings” give the holster flexibility to move with your body, making it comfortable for use all day, every day. The “mini wings” were constructed to provide the user with a variety of different configurations for IWB carry. The user has a greater range of options for the ride height and as well as a variety of positions around the waist, from appendix, all the way to the small of the back.


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