Yaqui holster, all-sizes, R-hand

SKU# 4000017

Model No. 4000017

The minimalist design and near-vertical carry angle make the Yaqui Slide very fast to draw from, while securing the firearm during everyday activity. A set of independent tension screw adjustments allows for a custom fit to the firearm and micro-adjustment of the draw stroke.The belt channel on the Yaqui has a circular cut-out for placement on the pant loop to prevent shifting of the holster. The open-muzzle Yaqui design is a favorite of those who own multiple barrel lengths of the same gun model. Constructed of premium saddle leather by Galco, the Yaqui Slide fits belts up to 1 3/4inch.

For 3-inch, 4-inch and 5-inch models w/o rails.
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